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Gold Entity by FluffyAlbinoBacon
Gold Entity
Gold Entity is actually the name of the fish like creature inside. It controls the outer skeleton through both a mind link and simple gestures. If Gold Entity swims forward the robot walks forward and so on. Gold is actually a scientist studying life on land and other sentient life his species would normally never encounter due to their environment. He is very curious and generally kind though some find him annoying for just the amount of questions he asks people that are new to him. His suit is malfunctioning here because he ran into something cracking one of the sensor coverings. 
Lawn care at its finest by FluffyAlbinoBacon
Lawn care at its finest
This is R.E.M Robotic Environment Maintenance.   Though this guy is just cutting grass it can do various other tasks. It also 'eats' dead leaves off of plants and harmful pests it finds. The 'antlers' have various tools inside the tips for harvesting fruit and vegetables, trimming, watering, and fertilizing. The black band around its middle is surrounding its compost compartment which gets turned three times a day from the inside. Its spiked feet aerate the soil as it walks around through the garden and can be splayed out in a sort of spade foot to churn the soil to get ready for planting. The 'tongue' can also suck up water to mix with the compost for a fertilizer spray. 

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Psychic Fighter by FluffyAlbinoBacon
Psychic Fighter
In truth I just tried to draw myself the way I used to daydream that I was. Fighting the monsters in my house or that would pass by the car on long drives I imagined my eyes would light up red and I could form platforms for the monsters to Jump on. adversally if they were not friendly monsters I could make blades, spikes, whips, and ropes all from the same red energy. Yep I was a weird little kid.

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Daft Punk 2 by FluffyAlbinoBacon
Daft Punk 2
i said i would draw both of them and here he is.  Again this is the best I have done of this guy and im really happy about it. perhaps i should draw them both more often. 
Daft Punk by FluffyAlbinoBacon
Daft Punk
just doodling in iscribble when i relised whose helmet i was drawing! I am a big fan of this band and this is the best I have ever done of either of them.  I will definitely try my hand at his buddy later but its five am for me now so i really need to sleep. I hope you guys like him. Also if you haven't checked out Daft Punk go give them a try!
this is just a list of the random and interesting things i think of at night.

1) possibly the most hilarious thing i have thought of in a while happens to be listening to the original Mortal Kombat theme whilst watching the intro to How To Train Your Dragon. The part where he is dodging the dragon attack in the village in the beginning of the first movie.

2) A lot of the songs at work are irritating. I often wonder if the people in charge of the songs at work pick them out specifically to annoy and oppress their employees so we lack the focus to complain about important things.

3) The relatively high possibility that every story anyone ever thinks about is real in one dimension/ universe or another and that the lives we live out now are one of their stories. Just as there are large gaps in time in the books we read as the authors edit out the fluff and uninteresting parts for us I wonder how much of our own lives actually make it to their pages. 

4) How little sense the Human body actually makes compared to the 'standard model' for various structures and appendages present in other mammals. A lot of the time when I am thinking of this particular useless problem I come up with no answer.

5) how cool would it be if some people had transparent skin and you could see their veins and innards at work. hehehe... innards...

6) Sometimes im afraid at work to sing my favorite songs at work because im afraid people will think they are slut songs... for instance one of my favorites happens to be Nature Boy.

7) at the same time work did occasionally play Love Song on the radio every now and then... though it always pissed me off cause it was not SRC.

8)if you are really tired and suddenly lean back it feels like you are drifting with the current... like floating in water. I imagine looking up at the galaxy like on a little raft out to sea. 

9) toes are weird. and all different... its almost like amongst people there isnt a set body pattern for what a foot should look like and we all get our own versions.

10) i invest way too much effort and thought into short stories that i read than I should. this is apparent when i tend to rant about them to friends later or get pissed for no reason cause i cant read the rest of it if it happens to not be finished.
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Monster Factory
United States
Favourite genre of music: electronica, rock, rock opera
Favourite style of art: fantasy
MP3 player of choice: mine
Shell of choice: nautlis
Skin of choice: dragon
Favourite cartoon character: Shirosaki, son goku
Personal Quote: keep the living alive and keep the dead happy.

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